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December 2015 Archives

Child custody: Communication vital for coparenting of school kids

Before the navigation of parenting time over the holidays is over, divorced Texas parents will have to start working on an effective coparenting plan for the school year. While a workable plan for the logistics and times of parenting may already be established, there may be additional issues to address before the children go back to school. The ideal circumstances are naturally those in which parents can put their differences aside and communicate amicably when it comes to supporting their children, regardless of who has primary child custody.

For some couples mediation is the ideal way to divorce

It is not uncommon for Texas couples who agree that their marriage is over to put off filing for divorce only because they are not prepared for the bitter arguments and lack of confidentiality often associated with litigated divorces. However, those who agree that that is not what they want may be the ideal candidates for divorce mediation. It is a process in which a marriage can be dissolved without the need to go to court, except for the final divorce decree.

Costs of pet care delay divorce of Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

Just like every marriage has its unique dynamics, so does every divorce. Texas residents who take an interest in the lives of celebrities may wonder why the divorce of Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore is not moving forward. The couple made the announcement of their divorce back in January, and they are reportedly struggling to reach an agreement to address their unique concerns.

Action can be taken against divorce bullies

More and more divorcing couples in Texas find it possible to end their marriages in an amicable way. However, to achieve success through divorce mediation or other alternative dispute resolution options, continuing communication is required. Unfortunately, in some circumstances one spouse can start acting in unexpected ways as soon as a divorce is mentioned. One example is a spouse who was never the bullying type turns into a bully in the time leading up to the divorce.

Child custody: Interfering with parenting plans can be harmful

Although the holidays are typically associated with celebrations and joyousness, some Texas residents may find it a taxing time. There can be several reasons for this, one of which may be parents struggling with ex-spouses who fail to comply with parenting and visitation schedules during this time. Child custody, parenting rights and, in some cases, even child support may be jeopardized by parents who deny or interfere with duly established parenting time.

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