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August 2016 Archives

Post-holidays equals divorce season? Researchers think so

There are usually three main reasons that many formerly married couples in Texas say they decided to call it quits. These may include the impression that they had no more excitement in their relationship, there were financial problems or they were unable to resolve their conflicts. Researchers now believe they have stumbled across a pattern that may also speak to why -- and even when -- couples decide to call it quits and file for divorce.

New study reveals surprising results about men and divorce

Texas readers may have heard the results of a new study which showed that when husbands are not able to be the primary earner of the family unit, there's a greater chance they will get divorced. The study on this facet of divorce was performed by Harvard sociologist Alexandra Killewald. Surprisingly, the men were more likely to get divorced even if the family was not suffering financially.

Intellectual property rights in a Texas divorce

Intellectual property does not factor in to the question of how property is divided in most Texas divorces. But when one or both spouses are involved as inventors, executives, investors, shareholders or owners in a business in which valuable interests are embodied in some type of intellectual property, the complexity of valuation and equitable division of such property in case of a divorce is elevated.

Important records to keep for alimony in a divorce

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is a court-ordered payment from one spouse to another while a divorce or legal separation is pending or after it is finalized in Texas. However, determining if an individual is entitled to it can be challenging. While divorce courts have been gravitating away from issuing alimony awards, they are still available in specific circumstances. Once an award is made, it makes good sense to keep accurate records of all payments.

Divorce news: New proposal may change how retired pay is divided

As some Texas residents may know, the U.S. Congress is currently in the process of deciding how much former spouses of those in the military would be awarded in the event of divorce. If the legislation passes, a smaller share of the military personnel's monthly retirement pay would be available to the other spouse. Some have called this potential legislation a "radical rewrite" to the law that stipulates how marital assets are divided when a military couple goes through a divorce.

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