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High Net Worth Divorce

There are a number of factors that contribute to the complexity of high net worth divorce cases. Property division can be extremely complicated when large community property assets are owned such as stocks, retirement benefits, pensions and vacation homes. Another complicating factor involves the commingling of community and separate property. This often occurs when property or assets owned before marriage contribute to earnings during the marriage.

Our firm’s lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to identify and address the legal issues that arise in high-asset divorce cases. Additionally, we have a powerful network of experts that we often work with in high net worth divorce cases, including:

  • Accountants
  • Appraisers
  • Tax experts
  • ERISA benefits counselors
  • Retirement benefit experts
  • Forensic experts trained at finding hidden assets

It is not uncommon for accusations of fraud to arise during divorce proceedings. Similarly, one spouse may be accused of hiding assets from the other. When this happens, it is important to work quickly and closely with experts who have experience locating offshore bank accounts and other hidden assets.

Dividing Businesses In Divorce

Clients who own a business, or spouses who own a partnership together have additional concerns when facing divorce and property division. A detailed business valuation is the critical first step in seeking an equitable distribution of the business. We will apply our skills and experience in protecting your business assets in divorce.

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