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February 2018 Archives

How to invest after a high asset divorce

Many Texas residents will receive a financial settlement at the end of their marriage. For those who experience a high net worth divorce, that settlement can be sizable. Understanding what to do with those funds can be challenging, especially for spouses who allowed their partner to handle the bulk of family finances. 

Is Bristol Palin in for a rocky divorce and custody battle?

Some Texas readers are familiar with the romantic ups and downs experienced by Bristol Palin, the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The now 27-year-old made headlines when she announced her teen pregnancy as her mother ran for office. Bristol Palin is now back in the news after her husband filed for divorce. She married a former United States Marine who is also the recipient of the Medal of Honor. She has also gone to lengths to position herself as a voice of authority on conservative Christian values. 

Prenups can assist in the case of a high net worth divorce

For many wealthy families, a prenuptial agreement is an expected part of wedding planning, no different from choosing place settings or refining the guest list. Texas families want to protect their loved ones from harm, whether that be emotional or financial. In some ways, having that family expectation can make it easier to broach the subject of a prenup and prevent the loss of assets in the event of a high net worth divorce.  

Temporary court orders for time leading up to final divorce

Divorce is typically an emotional process, whether filed in Texas or any other state. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be arranged overnight, regardless of how amicable it is. There will be months -- and in some cases, years -- of living in limbo, and arrangements must be made for the interim period. Divorcing spouses must deal with legal and financial matters until the finalization of a divorce settlement.

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