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September 2015 Archives

Collaborative or mediated divorce can empower both spouses

When a divorce is litigated, the outcome can be uncertain. Many Texas couples choose alternative dispute resolution methods designed to give them some level of control over the proceedings and their post-divorce lives. Some couples choose a collaborative divorce as an effective and constructive platform for resolving contention and conflict.

Prenuptial agreements: They're like seat belts

Do you buy house insurance because you know that your house is going to burn down, or wear a seat belt because you know that you are going to be involved in an accident? No, but you take those precautions because you recognize the fact that it might happen. More and more people in Texas are starting to see prenuptial agreements in the same light as house insurance and seat belts. This type of contract can serve to protect both parties in a marriage, regardless of the value of their individual assets.

Matters to consider before filing for a senior divorce

Divorces among adults older than 50 have shown a marked increase nationwide, including in Texas. In fact, it has been reported that the current number of senior divorces is double that of 20 years ago. Another interesting fact is that the divorce rate for seniors who are already in a second or third marriage is more than twice the rate of older couples ending a first marriage.

Steps can be taken to prevent child custody interference

The abduction of a child is likely one of the fears of parents nationwide, including in Texas. This fear is often even more of a reality for divorced parents. Many parents who have been awarded child custody live in constant dread of the other parent trying to take a child away. Unfortunately, incidents of child custody interference are not uncommon.

How can an attorney assist me during divorce negotiations?

Some Texas couples who are considering filing for divorce believe that they can handle their own divorces without the guidance and support of an attorney. Unfortunately, the chances of future disagreements and contention that can ultimately lead to litigation are significantly increased by one's own navigation of a divorce. Do-it-yourself divorces cannot possibly cater to the fact that each divorce is unique and has to deal with the unique dynamics of each family, and even each member of the family.

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