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January 2017 Archives

Study suggests divorce filings rise in January

A Texas couple starting the new year with the decision to end their marriage may not find themselves alone. Data from a recent study suggests that the number of individuals filing for divorce begins to rise in January. The rate then lowers, only to rise again in March and later in August, after which it begins to decline -- a trend suggesting that, among other reasons, parents try their best to time a divorce to coincide with a time in the year when their children's lives are most stable. 

Experts weigh in with their divorce tips

Ending a marriage has the potential to be a very trying ordeal, depending on the individuals involved and the circumstances. In fact, the only event more stressful than getting a divorce is having a loved one die, according to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. However, a divorce in Texas does not necessarily have to be this way.

Should you stop child support if you're being denied visitation?

Divorces rarely bring out the best in people. All too often, people who at one time worked wonderfully together are now doing whatever they can to spite their former spouse. In many divorces, child custody and child support are some of the most emotional and contested areas. One spouse may feel like there is too much visitation, while the other may feel like there is not enough. Neither party is likely to be happy with the amount of support that is ordered by the courts. The best way to ensure a fair and equitable final divorce decree is to retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney.

The emotional rollercoaster of divorce

Many Texas parents are currently facing challenges regarding the process of ending their marriages. For some, the main issues include trying to find ways to help their children adapt to their new lifestyles after divorce. The following practical ideas have helped others in similar circumstances.

Post-holiday divorce trending, according to Google

Some Texas couples may still be basking in the afterglow of spending some relaxing time together over the recent holidays. According to Google Trends, some individuals might be wondering if this holiday was the last they may spend with their significant others. It has been noted the amount of people who are turning to the internet for advice on ending their relationships is trending upwards, which means the divorce rate may soon increase as well.

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