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November 2017 Archives

A do-it-yourself divorce can have costly ramifications

Everyone likes to save money, and Texas residents are no exception. When it comes to ending a marriage, a do-it-yourself divorce might be an attractive option. The Internet is filled with DIY legal forms, along with a range of advice on how to part ways without legal representation. Unfortunately, much of that information is simply false. Even couples who are able to divorce amicably need to do so with the guidance of a trusted legal professional.

Don't get saddled with spouse's debt during divorce

Ending a marriage is never an easy experience, but struggling over property division can be especially challenging. For many Texas spouses, an unpleasant surprise occurs when they learn that not only do assets have to be divided during a divorce, but debts must also be split between parties. Understanding the role of debt in divorce is important and can help spouses plan for their financial future. 

Letting go can play a major role in Texas divorce cases

It is not unusual for many individuals to find themselves caught off guard by the ending of their marriages. Though they may have seen the signs coming for some time, the idea of actually going through with divorce can seem jarring. As a result, many Texas residents may have a difficult time dealing the situation and allowing themselves to more forward effectively.

Here's how the proposed tax bill could impact your divorce

For Texas residents who are considering ending their marriages, the financial ramifications of that decision loom large. Understanding how divorce will impact one's bank account is a top priority, for good reason. The recently proposed Republican tax bill could have a drastic impact on the tax obligations of many Americans.

Can you invalidate a prenuptial agreement during divorce?

Decades ago, prenuptial agreements were relatively uncommon, utilized by those of prominent social standing or great wealth to protect assets and reputation. These days, with divorce rates at historically high levels, more couples than ever before choose to execute a prenuptial agreement before marriage. The idea is to plan for a clean exit, should something go wrong with the marriage.

Here's how business owners should approach divorce

Bringing a marriage to a close can be an emotional time. However, for Texas business owners, it is important to approach a divorce in as straightforward a manner as possible. Remaining focused on the tasks at hand can make it easier to navigate the property division process and emerge from divorce with a clear path toward a more fulfilling future.

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