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July 2015 Archives

Understand the future implications involved in a Texas divorce

A divorce is not just about the dissolution of a marriage. Whether partners divorce in Texas or across the country, they all face a variety of issues. Some of them are short-term, such as which spouse will receive the house and how custody arrangements will be made. However, other considerations will not come to the forefront until later, such as the possibility of claiming Social Security benefits from an ex-spouse's work records.

Blake and Miranda divorce shows prenuptial agreements importance

Country music fans here in Texas have likely heard the sad news that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have recently been divorced. It appears that they were able to resolve the matter amicably. One reason for this may have been due to the prenuptial agreement that was signed at the beginning of their marriage. For celebrities, prenuptial agreements are basically a necessity.

Explaining shared child custody to the children

Divorce is naturally as devastating for children as it is for their parents. The manner in which the situation is handled by the parents will ultimately determine how the children adjust to the new family dynamics. More and more divorcing couples in Texas choose to have joint child custody, whereby parenting is shared equally between the parents. Telling the children about the changes may be less traumatic if parents tackle this difficult task together.

Prenuptial agreements may benefit commitment in marriages

It has been reported that American couples, including those in Texas, who are committed as financial partners in their marriages are financially secure and enjoy better health. They are also said to live longer and are more financially secure than couples who fail to communicate about financial matters. That is, of course, if they can manage to get through the first three years of marriage. Disputes about money have been found to be most prevalent in those first few years of marriage and ranks even higher than arguments about children, religion and in-laws. Couples who are realistic are aware of the high percentage of failed marriages and protect themselves by drawing up prenuptial agreements.

Child support payments can be streamlined for Texas parents

Issues surrounding child support can be significant for divorcing Texas parents of minors. There are many questions that often come up during discussions of how the child support payments will be distributed: how much should be paid, how will the money be earmarked to ensure it goes to the child, how can one ensure the money will be allocated appropriately to meet all the necessary obligations to the child, among other issues. Though these conversations can be difficult to have, their collective outcome does not have to mean a monthly standoff between divorcing spouses.

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