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December 2016 Archives

Getting a divorce during the holidays? Avoiding the holiday blues

Married couples in Texas who decide to call it quits may experience a wide range of emotions during the process. This is especially true when couples with children initiate the divorce or separation process during the holidays. The emotional fallout can be mitigated and the holidays enjoyed by remaining open to future adjustments and getting a little creative.

The relationship between divorce and the holidays

The holidays can bring an added level of stress to Texas couples' lives, due to increased travel, family obligations and financial pressures. However, could these aspects of the holidays result in more divorce filings? A researcher sought to see whether there was any causality between the two.

Guide your kids through the hurricane of holiday custody

Children of divorced parents experience stresses that their friends living in two-parent nuclear families know nothing about. This is especially true over the holidays, a time when kids of all ages can yearn for the type of family unity they may only dimly remember.

Getting a divorce later on in life could damage retirement

More and more older couples in Texas and across the United States are deciding to end their marriages sooner, according to a research center at a leading university. Unfortunately, this increase in the "gray divorce rate" directly impacts the retirement plans of a significant number of couples. Plans that were once seemingly adequate for the so-called golden years may no longer provide the protection that was originally intended.

Millennials, prenuptial agreements and divorce

With the rising rate of married couples calling it quits, more and more individuals are choosing to request prenuptial agreements, according to a recent survey. Specifically, more and more millennials are requesting these agreements in order to benefit them should they get a divorce. Texas residents may be surprised to learn that over half of the attorneys surveyed acknowledge a boost in how many millennials had requested a prenup and only 2 percent noticed a decrease for the group composed of 18- to 34-year-olds.

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