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January 2016 Archives

Woman fights for grandparents' rights after daughter's death

A woman from a state outside Texas is fighting for custody of her granddaughter. The grandparents' rights case arose due to the recent death of the woman's daughter -- the mother of her granddaughter. The child's father, who lives in yet another state, is also petitioning for custody of the 6-year-old girl.

Things to consider in the time leading up to a divorce

January is known for the increased demand for divorces. Texas spouses who file for divorce in January may have postponed assertive action to avoid spoiling the holidays for loved ones, and they have likely had ample time to consider the consequences of a divorce. A marriage cannot be ended overnight, and both the spouse who wants to end the marriage and the one receiving the news of the intended filing may benefit from certain considerations before moving forward with the divorce.

What happens if prenuptial agreements do not address all issues?

While there is never a shortage of advice for Texas spouses to be financially prepared if they are considering divorce, it is often suggested that steps should be taken by each spouse to protect themselves even if they are not considering a divorce. Prenuptial agreements are said to be essential tools for protecting both parties in a divorce. However, circumstances can change significantly during the years of marriage, and additional protection may be required.

Child custody: Visitation plans require careful consideration

The goal of the majority of divorcing parents in Texas may be to maintain a loving post-divorce relationship with their children. However, this does not come without careful planning and consideration of the children's ages, their psychological needs at different ages and each child's unique temperament. Regardless of whether parents share custody or whether one parent has primary child custody, a visitation plan must focus on the best interests of the children.

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