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January 2020 Archives

Tips may offer financial protection following divorce

The marital dissolution process carries with it many financial implications. This, combined with the fact that the process can be an emotional coaster, can make divorce a difficult experience. However, a couple of tips may help to make this process easier for married couples in Texas.

Getting a divorce later in life presents unique challenges

No matter what age people are when they get divorced, the process can be equally daunting both emotionally and financially. However, people who divorce later in life face unique challenges when compared with their younger counterparts in Texas. Here is a look at how individuals who are ending their marriages at older ages may want to approach specific divorce matters.

What happens if your ex wants to move out of Texas with the kids?

Shared custody, with both parents playing a role in the daily lives of the children, is typically the best solution in a divorce involving minor children in Texas. Provided that you can both secure housing in the same community where you previously lived together and can maintain your jobs or find new ones nearby, you and your ex can continue to be there for your children as they grow and mature.

What is like to pursue a divorce while pregnant?

It is not always easy to predict when a marriage will end, and sometimes, Texas couples are not willing to delay this process any longer than necessary, even if the mother is pregnant. Pregnancy can be a complicating factor in any divorce, and there are sensitive issues to navigate before reaching a final order. With a willingness to work together and a goal of a beneficial custody agreement, it is possible to avoid unnecessary complications.

Creating a postnuptial agreement can help during divorce

Before getting married, many couples in Texas may have felt that dissolving their future marriage would not even be an option for them. However, after tying the knot, some may start to realize that divorce is not an impossibility. The question is, how can they protect their financial best interests once they are already married if they end up divorcing? Fortunately, this is possible with a contract known as a postnuptial agreement.

Tips may help with emotional and financial aspects of divorce

Getting divorced can be a difficult process because of the financial and emotional changes that spring from it. However, being prepared for these changes may help to make the process easier. Here are some tips for confidently addressing the financial and emotional aspects of divorce in Texas.

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