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Montgomery County Family Law Blog

Is it possible to change a custody order after divorce?

Something that is a surety is that life never stays the same. As time goes on, the original custody order agreed upon during one's divorce may not suit the current circumstances of the different parties. Texas divorcees whose lives have changed significantly since their divorce may benefit from taking cognizance of the possibility to change such an order.

The question is, how is such an order changed? There are a number of ways in which a custody agreement may be changed. In some cases, courts may approve modification of the original custody order if both the parties agree to the proposed changes.

Amber Heard donates proceeds from high net worth divorce

When actor Johnny Depp and his wife of less than two years, Amber Heard, divorced in 2016, their breakup made headlines in Texas and across the nation. That was partly due to allegations of domestic violence, and of accusations that Heard was trying to blackmail Depp for more settlement money. In an effort to underscore her claims that she was not interested in profiting from the brief marriage, Heard pledged to donate the proceeds from the high net worth divorce settlement to charity. 

She appears to be making good on that promise. When Children's Hospital Los Angeles recently released their list of donors who gave more than $1 million in charitable contributions, Heard was among those honored. She has also volunteered at the hospital. The facility is one of several charities that Heard expressed interest in supporting with her settlement money. 

Co-parenting might help your children to thrive

Parents will sometimes try to stick out a marriage for the sake of the kids. Many of these individuals will soon find out that this isn't feasible because they are fighting way too much. When this occurs, a divorce is likely the best option. But, what about the children?

Sometimes, parents opt to use the co-parenting model of child custody. This means that both adults play an active role in the child's rearing and some of the same rules apply at both homes. Special events, such as graduations and school events, will bring the parents together to support the child. Some co-parents even take vacations together. If you are considering the co-parenting model, here are a few ways to make sure that your children are able to thrive:

Here's why Facebook is part of so many divorce cases

Many Texas spouses are surprised when social media becomes a focus at the end of their marriage. For divorce attorneys, Facebook and other social media sites are a virtual treasure trove of evidence and information. It may be that people have become so used to sharing every detail of their personal lives online that they no longer think about the realities of what they are putting out into the world. 

Facebook is a root cause of many divorces, after seemingly innocent connections with old friends or lovers turn to something more inappropriate. Because messaging online seems so far removed from a face-to-face encounter, many people find themselves involved in a full emotional affair before they even realize they've crossed a line. When their partner finds out, arguing that the relationship is only based on these communications is not likely to help. 

Planning a name change after a Texas divorce?

For Texas spouses who are ending a marriage, it can feel as though the list of "to do" items will never end. For many, changing their name is one more item to add to that divorce checklist. While a name change does require a significant amount of paperwork and errands around town, these are tasks that many Texas residents are happy to perform. With the right degree of organization, managing a name change can be a relatively simple and straightforward process.

The first place to begin is with government-issued identification, as these documents will be necessary to complete secondary name changes. Check the DMV website to ensure that the proper documentation is in hand before visiting the office for a freshly minted drivers license or ID. The Social Security office may be next on your list of places to visit to have your name changed.

Tips may help those getting a divorce near retirement

Ending a marital union is never an easy process. However, being over the age of 50 can make the divorce process especially complicated in Texas and elsewhere. A couple of tips may help those who are getting divorced closer to their retirement years to protect their financial futures.

First, those going through divorce not long before reaching their retirement ages may want to secure new or part-time jobs. A new job may help a divorcing spouse to generate more monthly income than he or she is earning in his or her current job. In addition, a part-time job -- or even consulting work -- may help to produce extra income in preparation for retirement.

Russell Crowe celebrates divorce with movie memorabilia auction

As many Texas residents are aware, it is difficult to balance a marriage and career, regardless of what one does for a living. When a marriage is subjected to the pressures that come with a life lived in the public spotlight, it may come as no surprise that celebrities experience a higher rate of divorce. Recently, Russell Crowe announced he was commemorating the end of his divorce journey with a public auction.

While the end of a marriage is rarely an occasion for celebration, when the process takes a number of years, it may be such a relief for the two parties that it needs to be marked in a unique style. Crowe determined that his particular method of closing that chapter is to divest himself of a portion of the movie memorabilia that he had collected through the years he spent with his wife. He will be auctioning off an estimated 200 pieces.

Single parents: A few tips for holiday visitation schedules

Creating a holiday schedule is an essential part of any parenting plan. Ex-spouses need to decide in advance with whom their children will spend which holidays to avoid the potential for confusion or misunderstanding later.

Essentially, parents have a lot of different options for scheduling holidays. It's a good idea to discuss which options are most appropriate in order to reach accord. For instance, some families may have big Easter celebrations with extended family members attending church services, having Easter egg hunts and special dinners, while others may let the holiday come and go with considerably less fuss.

How art factors into a high net worth divorce

For many wealthy Texas couples, an art collection serves as a visible reminder of their place in high society. In certain social circles, amassing a collection of art is considered standard practice. When such couples enter into a high net worth divorce, the value of that collection can become a central focus. Unfortunately, determining the value of an expansive art collection can be a challenging task.

One problem arises when one spouse is unaware of the full scope of the family's art collection. Pieces may be stored in various locations, or in different residences. Also, if only one spouse is actively involved in managing the collection, the other may be unaware of just how valuable certain pieces are. The value of art changes over time, and can also fluctuate based on market conditions. A piece purchased for a few thousand dollars one year could be worth exponentially more just a few years later.

The many faces of a no-fault divorce

Texas laws allow couples to end their marriages without legal battles. Although a no-fault divorce might sound like an easy option, it could be as complicated as a litigated divorce. If there are children and accumulated property, difficult decisions will have to be made -- inside or outside the courtroom.

Couples have different options and may choose to negotiate their own settlement agreements. However, even if they do not intend to go to court, it is advisable for each spouse to have legal counsel to explain their rights and the legal requirements under Texas laws. Even if a couple chooses mediation to help them negotiate a settlement, the mediator may not provide legal advice, and along with valuable input, each party's attorney can ensure their rights are protected.

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