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Montgomery County Family Law Blog

Keeping the cost of divorce in check -- a few tips

Getting married can cost a small fortune, especially if the bride and groom decide to have all the bells and whistles. The truth is, like a wedding, divorce can turn into an expensive exercise as well. Texas couples considering ending their marriage need to realize that the costs involved may influence the whole family.

According to one expert, a divorce can cost anything between $5,000 and $1 million, depending on the individual case. However, according to some experts, there are ways in which to avoid high costs, but it requires careful homework and preparation. As with many things in life, the saying, "knowledge is power," is also true in this instance.

One state tackles pet "custody" in new divorce law

For Texas spouses considering ending a marriage, the care and custody of pets often becomes a significant source of concern. That is understandable, as many people are incredibly connected to their pets, often treating them like members of the family. When divorce alters the family's structure, it isn't always clear where the pets will reside, and if or when the other party will be able to spend time with the animals. One state is trying to work through this issue by allowing courts to consider pet "custody" issues during divorce cases. 

The West Coast state will now grant judges the ability to determine pet custody by considering matters such as which party assumed primary care of the animal, who spent the most time with the pet and which party can properly provide for the pet's ongoing needs in terms of resources and attention. That is a big departure from the way these issues are handled in other areas. Very often, courts refuse to engage in these matters at all. In other cases, the decision is made in much the same way as any other form of property: the party who "owned" or purchased the animal retains all rights after the divorce. 

A property division checklist is essential for organization

Going through a divorce typically means dividing marital property. From the start, you'll come to find that this is one of the most challenging parts of the entire process.

Fortunately, with the help of a property division checklist, you can organize your assets with the hope of saving time and avoiding additional stress.

Business owner divorce: The importance of a business valuation

When a couple decides to call it quits and end their marriage, there are a lot that has to happen. In most circumstances, divorce is complex and requires for certain steps to be taken. Business owner divorces may be even more complex. Texas business owners may find that the business they built up are considered as part of the marital property.

Should a business be seen as part of marital property, it becomes subject to the division of property. This means that the valuation of a business is an important aspect in the fair division of marital property. In order to ensure that the interests of both parties are protected, it is recommended that an independent appraiser is appointed to complete the validation.

Disciplining children after divorce; consistency is key

A couple may not have the same disciplining style when it comes to their children. It may be relatively undaunting as long the family unit is together, but when Texas parents divorce it may cause issues between them regarding how their children are handled when they misbehave. It may actually be difficult to discipline at all since some parents may feel guilty about putting their children through the rigors of divorce.

Not only do kids have to learn to adjust to living in two households, they may act out in ways they never did prior to the divorce. So boundaries must be set by parents and adhered to. Positive co-parenting after divorce entails parents sitting down and having a conversation about their children which includes getting onto the same page with respect to discipline.

Co-parenting after divorce is not always easy

The end of a marriage may feel like the end of dreams, expectations and future plans, especially when children are involved. At the same time, many decisions must be made. One of the decisions to be made during a divorce is what parenting plan will work the best for a particular Texas family's situation. One option is co-parenting, which is an option where both parents share custody of the children.

While co-parenting may make it easier for everyone to deal with the separation, it may not all be plain sailing. To make things a bit easier, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, it is important for parents to embrace a unified approach when it comes to raising children. Both parties can still live their own lives, but they have to be very clear on their roles and how they will raise their children.

Divorce is like death: The 7 stages of grieving

You may have heard in the past that a divorce is much like death. The reality is that it's true. Like in death, the end of a marriage is the end of a relationship that is unlikely to ever go back to the way it was. It's an end of the family unit as a whole, and it can be a major loss for both people as well as their children or relatives.

There are seven stages to grieving. If you and your spouse can get through these stages, it's likely that you can move forward to work together more effectively to finalize your divorce. If not, there may be struggles during the divorce, even though people do eventually accept the reality of divorce at some point in their lives.

Financial woes contribute to a wealthy divorce too

It is often said that money can't buy happiness. As it turns out, there is some truth to that when it comes to marriage lasting or not in Texas. While it is no surprise that money is cited as one of the worst stressors in a marriage, it is not only an issue between couples who are struggling to manage a budget. Those in higher income brackets may spend more and save less, contributing to the likelihood of a divorce.

Couples who agree on financial matters and have similar credit scores have a strong likelihood of staying married for the long term. Trouble begins when credit scores and financial philosophies differ. In particular, this can be an issue among the very wealthy. High earners do not necessarily save for the future. Maintaining a lifestyle can be expensive and a significant number of couples with multi-million dollar incomes have no significant savings.

Divorce sagas of the rich and famous Rob Kardashian

People often envy rich celebrities and their seemingly wonderful lives, but all may not be what it seems. The old saying "possessions bring problems" may hold more truth than one may think. This can be particularly true in the case of celebrity divorce.

One such an example is the recent news from the Kardashian clan. Texas followers of the famous family will know that Rob Kardashian is not only claiming that he is penniless and unable to pay child support but also that he is considering claiming support from his ex wife. Currently, the arrangement is that Rob should pay Blac Chyna a monthly amount of $20,000. This amount was based on an income of $1 million paid toward his appearance in each season of the family's well-known TV show.

Divorce: Is bird's nest custody the right option for you?

Ending a marriage is likely one of the most traumatizing experiences any couple in Texas can go through. If there are children involved, a divorce affects the lives of so many more than just the husband and wife. Some parents have found that bird's nest custody arrangements work best as it keeps the focus on the children. But how does bird's nesting work?

This arrangement leaves the children in the familiar, stable surroundings of their family home while the parents take turns living with them. Instead of the children having to alternate between the homes of their parents, they do not have to change schools, leave friends behind and miss events or extracurricular activities because of the visitation or parenting schedule. Parents can communicate during changeover times, and they can even leave each other notes on the fridge.

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