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October 2016 Archives

How do you decide what's really in a child's best interests?

You probably hear it all the time: The focus of a child custody divorce case should be deciding what is in the best interests of the child. The goal here is to focus on the kids - who did not ask for the divorce, after all - so that the troubles their parents are having don't negatively impact them, as well. If you are going to split up with your spouse, your love for your kids probably has you onboard with this idea. You do want what's best for them in the long run. But how do you decide what that is? Below are a few factors that the courts will consider.

Late-life divorce may seriously impact women's retirements

Texas residents may have read about a recent study that seems to have drawn a correlation between the the age at which a woman ends her marriage and the likelihood that she will be employed in full-time work after she has reached retirement age. The divorce study was conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research and Boston College's Claudia Olivetti, as well as Mathematica Policy Research's Dana Rotz. It was composed of survey data collected from nearly 56,000 women.

Divorce from a spouse and business partner can be tricky

When marriage partners in Texas are also business partners, changes in their personal relationships can also have an impact on their businesses. Filing for a divorce under such circumstances will require careful planning to work toward an outcome in which property division is equitable. All of this should preferably happen without affecting the business operations -- a mission not easily achieved.

The ins and outs of a high net worth divorce

With much of the media still abuzz with the news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce and their interesting financial situation -- including several children, high net worth, multiple households and future royalties -- it is easy to forget that other couples are currently getting divorced, too. Many individuals may envision these divorces to be the sort of free-for-alls often portrayed in movies. However, they don't have to be, as even a high net worth divorce in Texas can simply serve not only as a negotiation that will result in both parties being provided for financially but, more importantly, allowing some form of a relationship to continue to help with the new chapter of joint parenting.   

How older people risk retirement getting a divorce

If Texas residents were to consider which demographic gets divorced most often, they may be surprised by the results of a new study. According to the study, Americans older than 50 are getting divorced more often than their younger counterparts. Divorce is also occurring more frequently than in the past, the study found.

How long does alimony last in Texas?

Alimony in divorce is only narrowly available in Texas and its duration tends to be shorter rather than longer. We previously posted an article describing the narrow eligibility rules for spousal maintenance, as alimony is called in Texas, and here we will talk more about how long it can last over time.

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