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August 2017 Archives

You may need this information for a parenting plan in a divorce

If you rely on a Texas court to make decisions regarding your children as you and the other parent part ways, it will use the "best interests of the children" standard to make its decisions. Even if you intend to work things out outside the courtroom, any agreement you come to will still require the approval of the court, which will still apply this standard. Understanding what this means for you during your divorce could help you and the other parent when creating a parenting plan.

Don't believe what you hear when it comes to a Texas divorce

When a couple decides to end their marriage, family, friends and even acquaintances may offer unsolicited advice regarding what comes next. The problem is that much of this information may not be correct, especially when it comes to dividing property since Texas is a community property state. This means that each party owns the marital assets jointly. Before taking any further steps in a divorce, it may be beneficial to separate fact from fiction.

Excluding the other spouse in a divorce involving a business

Texas is a community property state. This means that if a business owner becomes involved in a divorce, the other spouse may be entitled to a portion. In order to avoid this eventuality, the owner may want to take certain measures to retain his or her interest in the business as separate property, which would then not be subject to division in the divorce.

Maintain control in a divorce with mediation

The end of a marriage may make many Texas residents feel as though they have lost control of their lives. If they end up in court, that feeling may continue since a judge will be the one making decisions for them. It is possible to maintain control in a divorce through an alternative method of resolving their issues -- mediation.

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