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September 2016 Archives

What Brangelina's split teaches us about how we divorce

When a couple's marriage in Texas begins to dissolve and the end is on the horizon, both spouses may have a wide array of feelings, depending on the circumstances of the dissolution, as well as the individuals' personalities. It is not unusual for a spouse anticipating a divorce to feel hurt, fearful and unable to move forward with his or her life. This is completely understandable because the divorce process can be intimidating, as it represents the end of a relationship that many believe is supposed to last a lifetime.

Studies examine the reasons couples divorce

When celebrities make headlines because of a breakup, many in Texas and around the world may want to know why. It seems like a powerful couple with money, fame and looks should be happily married, and it may be hard to understand what could go wrong. This is a question sociologists have been studying for decades, and they have compiled some interesting data about how marriage and divorce have changed over the generations.

Changes in lifestyle after divorce is final

Change is inevitable when a marriage is over, whether it be a move, a job change or change in the type of lifestyle to which one is accustomed. Divorce will certainly bring financial changes and adjustments, and it is important to consider how these may affect day-to-day life. Preparation helps a person develop reasonable expectations regarding financial capabilities in post-divorce life.

2 predictors of divorce found by researchers

Since the 1980s, the rate for married couples calling it quits has been declining in the United States. Recent research suggests that around one-third of couples who are married now will divorce. As such, Texas residents may wonder what factors researchers say contribute to this statistic.

Study finds correlation between pornography use and divorce

There are several situations that are believed to lead married couples in Texas to throwing in the towel. Whether the spark had fizzled from the relationship, there were unresolved conflicts or financial problems, there are many ways that a marriage may end in a divorce. A recent study took a look at one activity that may begin to pave the way to an increased probability of divorce for those who engage in it.

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