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August 2015 Archives

Child custody: Judge rules mother must provide FB login info

Social media features as a legal tool in more and more family law cases. A decision by a judge in another state to allow a father to use his estranged wife's Facebook page as evidence in a child custody battle may be an indication that state judges, possibly also those in Texas, are recognizing the value of social media in deciding these issues. Information that was previously obtained by private investigators over long periods is now available at a glance on the Internet.

Some Texas residents choose prenuptial agreements before marriage

When couples in Texas are preparing for marriage, they sometimes choose to sign contracts that specify certain terms or conditions pertaining to property or financial assets owned separately or jointly before or after the marriage takes place. Prenuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements are different types of contracts that might be chosen in order to protect the interests of each spouse in a marriage. Because statistics prove that many marriages end in divorce, some believe that entering into a contract before the wedding day will help to avoid contention and discord should the union come to a legal end in the future.

Are postnuptial agreements as effective as prenuptial agreements?

Not all couples spend months planning their weddings and their lives together. Some Texas couples may be so exhilarated by the anticipation of getting married that they neglect to discuss important issues, such as the financial status of each spouse. Once the excitement of the honeymoon is over, they may recognize that some matters have been left unattended. While couples who planned their weddings ahead of time may have addressed these issues in prenuptial agreements, impulsive couples may find comfort in learning that state laws allow married couples to sign postnuptial agreements.

What areas of a divorce can benefit from mediation?

The number of divorcing couples in Texas who choose to settle divorce-related issues with the help of professional mediators has increased. The mediation process has proved to be effective for the various areas of a divorce in which contentions typically arise, including property division and spousal support. In many cases, mediation has enabled parents to communicate and compromise in child-related issues such as custody, support and parenting plans.

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