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October 2015 Archives

Child custody: Are your holiday parenting schedules in place?

Divorced parents in Texas may want to get an early start at finalizing a parenting schedule for the holidays. Regardless of whether one parent has sole custody or whether they have joint child custody, children will want to spend time with both parents. With the four big holidays -- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years -- all falling within a nine week period, proper planning may avoid disappointment.

Divorce is a major event worthy of a detailed checklist

When arranging major events, many people find that the tried and trusted way of drawing up a checklist is the only way to ensure nothing is left unaddressed. So, why not use the same method to cope with the many aspects of divorce? A divorcing spouse in Texas will typically have to rearrange his or her own life, help children adjust to new family dynamics, manage limited finances and cope with navigating the legal processes. A checklist could be very helpful.

Prenuptial agreements for structure to second marriages

While some young couples in Texas avoid discussions about prenuptial agreements, both parties in a second or third marriage may recognize the importance of protecting their respective assets. Prenuptial agreements need not focus on the possibility of a divorce in the future, but rather on creating structures for successful marriages. Remarrying often involves children from previous marriages of both partners, and proactively addressing potential issues may provide peace of mind to both spouses.

Grandparents' rights: Stranger gets newborn after mother dies

Grandparents nationwide, including in Texas, have certain rights. However, claiming those rights can be difficult. Under Texas law, a court may consider appointing the grandparents of a child as conservators if both parents of the child are deceased. However, what happens if the mother was not married? A mother in another state is currently fighting for grandparents' rights after her unmarried daughter died during childbirth.

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