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September 2018 Archives

How to prepare for financial needs during a divorce

As Texas spouses prepare to bring their marriage to a close, numerous tasks compete for their attention. Financial matters rank high on that list, and rightfully so. What is often overlooked, however, is the short-term needs that must be addressed between filing for divorce and finalizing that process. Without proper planning, covering living expenses and legal fees during that period of time can be challenging. 

Divorce: A few reasons why prenups may be a good idea

When one falls in love, it is not difficult to convince oneself that life will be all moonshine and roses with the other person. However, roses have thorns, and even the perfect match may turn out to be not so perfect. Divorce is a reality of the times, and Texas couples may benefit from looking past the stigma associated with prenuptial agreements and ensure such an agreement is in place before the wedding.

Making wise decisions in late-life, high net worth divorce

Some Texas spouses are fortunate enough to have amassed considerable wealth during the course of their adult lives. If the decision to pursue a high net worth divorce arises, some aspects of ending the marriage will be easier. Wealthy spouses need to pay close attention to the financial side of their divorce, but they often have plenty of security regarding their financial outlook. What could become an issue is the social consequences of ending a marriage. 

Being diligent when dividing retirement assets in divorce

Upon closing in on the golden years of life, a substantial portion of a couple's wealth could be tied up in retirement or investment accounts. Should a couple in Texas make the decision to divorce, these accounts may play a significant role in the process of property division. Since there could be dire consequences to dividing retirement accounts without the necessary documentation, a person might find it advisable to seek guidance early in the process.

Protecting your interest in the marital home in a Texas divorce

Higher asset divorces can quickly become complicated. Many people don't really understand how Texas courts handle asset division. They may think they should receive more of the marital property than they are, or they may expect alimony when it is not likely that they will receive it.

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