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July 2016 Archives

Protecting financial interests in a divorce

Financial issues are a common stress point in marriage and one of the main reasons that couples choose to end their marriage. These issues can carry over into divorce, and it is no secret that resolving money-related disputes can complicate and lengthen the process. However, a full understanding of how to protect one's financial interests can help avoid unnecessary litigation and lay the foundation for a strong future.

Divorce news: law enables couple to live separately in same house

When married couples in Texas consider the weighty prospect of getting a divorce, many do not do so lightly. Whether discussing the prospect of divorce for weeks, months or years, talks between the two often take a long time, as both know that the results of the discussions will directly affect not only one another, but their children and family as well. A new bill in a different state that affects how couples may approach divorce was recently signed into law.

Start now to resolve back-to-school disagreements with your ex

When you have children, summers can fly by. Before you know it, it is time to shop for school supplies and clothes as back-to-school time looms. This should be a time of excitement for the next steps in your kids' lives, but when you are divorced, school might bring up areas of disagreement with your ex-spouse regarding the children.

Divorce as the path to a stronger, better future

When a marriage is over, Texas couples may find it difficult to move forward with the appropriate legal steps to dissolve the relationship. This is often because of fears, financial concerns or a desire to avoid legal complications. While it is normal to have fears, people may learn that divorce, while a complex legal process, may actually be the right path to take for a stronger, better future.

Recent studies shake up gender stereotypes with divorce

When it comes to marriage, many Americans -- and perhaps Texas readers -- have a notion in their minds that marriage is the end-all be-all for women. Some women even joke that they went to college to get their "Mrs." degree. So, when a couple goes through a divorce, observers may begin to assume some things about the couple. However, as with most things in life only seen at face value, it's not only more complicated than that but, as recent studies have revealed,  women deal with divorce somewhat differently than some might assume. 

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