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February 2016 Archives

Is avoiding divorce in the best interests of the children?

The marriages of many parents in Texas have deteriorated to states in which the parents find that they are only staying together for the sake of their children. Some parents who have learned from experience suggest that staying in unhappy circumstances does more harm than good to children. They believe that parents in unhappy relationships should consider divorce for the sake of their children.

Effective prenuptial agreements are not do-it-yourself projects

Entering into marriage is entering into a contract that is governed by Texas laws. Every couple has the opportunity -- and is advised to -- tailor that contract to fit their unique circumstances. This can be done by addressing potential issues in prenuptial agreements before the marriage, rather than when emotions run high in the event of divorces.

Gray divorce needs careful financial consideration

The numbers of older couples getting divorced nationwide, including in Texas, have increased significantly in recent years. Some attribute it to the fact that women have become more independent. Whatever the reason for the record rate of gray divorces, they are typically more complicated that those of younger couples. In many cases, older couples who file for divorce have been together for 30 or 40 years, complicating the decisions that have to be made to address post-divorce financial stability.

Child custody: Paternity registry protects paternal rights

Unmarried Texas fathers who wish to affirm their willingness to take responsibility for their unborn children may not be aware of the state paternity registry that serves to help protect paternal rights. The Texas Vital Statistics Unit maintains the registry. There are several circumstances in which a man may want to register his intent to claim paternity, which must be established before he can seek child custody.

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