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January 2019 Archives

Divorce mistakes can take a financial toll long term

Finances remain one of the most perplexing areas to address in Texas divorce proceedings. Sadly, financial errors made during the divorce process can end up having serious consequences. Here are two mistakes in particular that are all too common in these types of family law proceedings.

Is a win-win divorce possible in Texas?

Divorce is complicated and confusing, even when both spouses have a clear understanding of their priorities. Here in Texas, community property laws require equal property division, which gives divorcing spouses fewer options when they come to the negotiation table. These legal restrictions may make the divorce process seem daunting to spouses who truly need or want a divorce but worry that it is too complicated and emotionally difficult.

Family does not have to be torn apart during divorce

When people in Texas get divorced, they may naturally wonder how they can make the process as easy as possible for the entire family. Is it truly possible to go through divorce without tearing the family apart? Here are a couple of tips for making a divorce proceeding relatively amicable in the Lone Star State.

Keeping the cost of divorce in check -- a few tips

Getting married can cost a small fortune, especially if the bride and groom decide to have all the bells and whistles. The truth is, like a wedding, divorce can turn into an expensive exercise as well. Texas couples considering ending their marriage need to realize that the costs involved may influence the whole family.

One state tackles pet "custody" in new divorce law

For Texas spouses considering ending a marriage, the care and custody of pets often becomes a significant source of concern. That is understandable, as many people are incredibly connected to their pets, often treating them like members of the family. When divorce alters the family's structure, it isn't always clear where the pets will reside, and if or when the other party will be able to spend time with the animals. One state is trying to work through this issue by allowing courts to consider pet "custody" issues during divorce cases. 

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