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July 2017 Archives

Society doesn't view divorce the way it used to

Beginning in the 1950's, and for several decades thereafter, television shows gave Americans a view of family life that encouraged them to stay together regardless of how bad the marital relationship was. A divorce was viewed as a failure on the part of the married couple and was even worse if there were children involved. Thankfully, society has developed beyond those now arcane ideals to realize that even though marriage should not be taken lightly, divorce does not mean failure. In fact, in some cases, it provides many Texas parents with the ability to be better for their children. 

Facing a contested divorce in Texas? Here's what to expect

When it comes to ending a marriage, most Texas residents are encouraged to do so amicably through mediation or some other alternative to going to court. However, for some couples, that simply is not possible. Instead, they face a contested divorce, and understanding something of the process could help alleviate any trepidation about it.

Dividing assets in a Texas high net worth divorce

During your marriage, you and your spouse may have acted as partners. You accumulated wealth, purchased assets and may even have a significant investment portfolio and retirement account. Now that you face a high net worth divorce, you may be wondering how the process of dividing those assets will go, especially since Texas is a community property state.

Don't just split your retirement accounts in a divorce

Other than the marital home, the largest assets that many Texas couples have are their retirement accounts. After spending years of accumulating funds in employment-related retirement accounts such as 401Ks, the prospect of having to divide them in a divorce may not make either party happy, but in many cases, at least a portion will be included in the marital estate. However, couples should not go ahead and divide these assets on their own without first understanding the ramifications.

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