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August 2019 Archives

Resolving child custody conflicts during marital separation

At one point or another, almost all marriages go through rough patches, causing many spouses to use separation as a tool to work through difficult conflicts. In some cases, separation shows a couple that divorce is the best option, while in other cases a separation effectively helps strengthen trust and compatibility within a family.

Steps may help with managing emotional part of divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can easily spark contradictory emotions. For instance, a person who is getting divorced might feel ecstatic about being able to live on his or her own again. Still, the person may feel upset with the future ex, as well as concerned about how the divorce will impact him or her long term. Here are some tips for getting through the emotional aspect of the divorce process in Texas.

Splitting commissions/bonuses during divorce may cause confusion

Property division remains a major source of conflict for many couples going through the marital break-up process. An aspect of property division that may especially be confusing is the splitting of a spouse's work-related bonuses and commissions. Here is how bonuses and commissions are treated during the divorce process in Texas.

Prenuptial agreement offers protection in the event of a divorce

Many young people in Texas and elsewhere today have decided to postpone marriage since they wish to focus on their careers first. Then, when they do decide to get married, they have a lot of assets or even debt to bring to the table. In light of this, it would behoove two people to draft a prenuptial agreement before they walk down the aisle, as this type of agreement will protect their best interests if they end up getting a divorce years later.

Absence of emotional fulfillment a main cause of divorce

A number of problems can cause two spouses to end their marriage in Texas -- for example, monetary trouble or even adultery. Still, based on new research, an especially common reason for divorce is the feeling of not being emotionally fulfilled in a marital union. Researchers, in fact, have said that divorce motives that are emotional in nature have increased, whereas motives related to addiction or violence have decreased over the years.

Multiple child custody arrangement options available post divorce

During the process of getting divorced, a spouse may naturally be concerned about who will get custody of the children. In addition, there may be concern that the divorce process will take a negative toll on the children. However, several child custody arrangements may have a positive impact on the entire family in Texas.

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