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March 2016 Archives

Divorce: Charlie Sheen seeks child support modification

When the circumstances of a non-custodial parent change after a divorce, he or she may be unable to pay the court-ordered child support. Texas family laws allow individuals with financial restrictions following divorce to file motions to modify the amount of child support to be paid. The well-known former sitcom star, Charlie Sheen, recently filed such motions to request the lowering of child support to his two ex-wives.

The negatives of a high conflict divorce

The circumstances of every Texas family are unique, and when couples decide to file for divorce, they can determine whether their divorce will be contentious or amicable. Many couples choose to avoid litigation, but this is only possible if communication has not broken down completely. Those who choose mediation rather than litigation have more control over the important decisions that will impact their post-divorce lives, and that might even result in healthy ongoing relationships between divorced parents and their children.

Divorce: Financial decisions can be overshadowed by emotion

Going through a divorce in Texas is typically an emotional experience, and it may be difficult to focus on the financial implications of the divorce. However, decisions have to be made that will impact on the post-divorce financial stability of both spouses. After the divorce, expenses may double -- two mortgages or rent payments, two sets of utility bills and other household expenses, and so on -- while overall income may remain the same.

Anticipate the many changes brought about by a divorce

Ending a marriage is difficult, and although there is never a shortage of advisers among family and friends, the dynamics of every divorce is different. A Texas spouse who is going through a divorce may find that there is a lot to learn at this time, as he or she may be experiencing mental and emotional stress. Three things that will be necessary are self-control, in-depth knowledge and gathering sound professional advice to help in being prepared for the many changes that typically follow a divorce.

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