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March 2017 Archives

In a divorce, there are no innocent social media posts

It does not matter how high you set your security on social media sites like Facebook. A way can often be found to find out what you post, especially in a divorce. Emotions often run high during this time, and Texas residents might use social media as an outlet for any anger, hurt and resentment they feel. Unfortunately, those posts, among others, could end up coming back to haunt them.

Parenting after a particularly contentious divorce

Texas parents are constantly bombarded with the fact that they should be sharing the parenting responsibilities after the end of their marriages. The problem is that not all couples who get a divorce are ready to sit down at the holiday table with their exes. In many situations, neither ex-spouse can deny the fact that the other is a good parent. So, what do these couples do? Co-parenting is not an option, but "parallel parenting" might be.

Protecting your child: The International Hague Convention

As a parent of a child who has two parents from different countries, you know that your divorce has more custody concerns than others. You may worry that your spouse will take your child to his or her country and fail to bring your little one home. You could worry that your child will disappear and that you'll have no way to fight back.

Income is not the only financial change after a divorce

When a marriage ends, numerous financial changes are inevitable. After a divorce, each spouse's income needs to stretch further and each of them often has fewer assets. Most people consider these issues when negotiating a settlement or preparing for court. Texas residents face other financial issues as well that should be considered, however.

Is co-parenting after a Texas divorce preferable?

A recent study says that sharing the parenting responsibilities as close to equal is preferable. These days, parents here in Texas and elsewhere who are in the process of a divorce often prefer to try to work out a joint custody arrangement that allows each parent as much time as possible with the children. The research shows that this type of arrangement is more beneficial for children and the parents.

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