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November 2015 Archives

Compliance with divorce orders can be planned in advance

Some divorcing couples in Texas work hard on reaching agreements about property division, child custody, parenting plans and visitation plans just to get that final divorce decree and start a new life. However, little attention is often paid to planning how the various aspects of the divorce order will be implemented. Some suggest that these plans are better discussed before the divorce is finalized to avoid being overwhelmed by unanticipated obligations.

Protect alimony payments with well-drafted divorce agreement

There are several circumstances in which divorcing spouses in Texas may negotiate payment agreements to be effective after their divorce. These may include spousal support, child support and payments related to marital property. The receiving spouse may want to ensure he or she is protected against non-payment of agreed-upon amounts after the divorce.

Prenuptial agreements not only suitable for celebrities

Some people in Texas may believe that a prenuptial agreement is a blueprint for a divorce, while, in fact, it is all about respect and trust that are two components of healthy marriages. Prenuptial agreements are often associated with celebrities and the rich and famous, and couples who do not have such fortunes may consider such agreements unnecessary. When the large percentage of marriages that end in divorce is considered, the negative connotations to such agreements may not be fair.

Halle Berry adamant to avoid bitter child custody battle

While most Texas parents would love to have an amicable relationship, some couples find that conflicting personalities make them incompatible. A relationship may be even more challenged when the couple spends a significant amount of time away from each other. This is often the dilemma faced by couples who are involved in the film industry. One such couple is Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez, who have decided to end their marriage, and both are adamant that their divorce will not involve a bitter child custody battle.

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