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November 2018 Archives

Divorce: Is bird's nest custody the right option for you?

Ending a marriage is likely one of the most traumatizing experiences any couple in Texas can go through. If there are children involved, a divorce affects the lives of so many more than just the husband and wife. Some parents have found that bird's nest custody arrangements work best as it keeps the focus on the children. But how does bird's nesting work?

Divorce, holidays and joint custody -- negotiation is key

Custody matters are often problematic -- before, during and after divorce. Joint custody is often seen as an ideal solution to a tricky matter in any divorce involving children. However, it comes with certain dilemmas and requirements with which the divorced parents will have to deal. Texas divorcees may find that agreeing on holiday schedules when they share custody may be one of the biggest headaches to which they will have to find a solution.

Numbers from Rudy Giuliani's high net worth divorce

Texas readers may be aware that former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani is in the middle of a divorce from his wife, Judith Giuliani. In a recent turn of events, Giuliani claims that he has encountered financial challenges over the past year. While it's unclear if he is trying to reduce property division or spousal support in his high net worth divorce, his wife claims these financial troubles are not in line with his spending habits. 

Divorce: For many couples, prenups are not all about money

Although many people in Texas were previously of the opinion that prenuptial agreements are only for those with significant assets, these contracts have become more widely used. It might be because couples tend to wait longer before tying the knot, and when they do, their careers are established and both spouses enter the marriage with already accumulated assets. While a prenuptial agreement provides protection in the event of a divorce and specifies who gets what, some couples use them to set rules or prevent unacceptable behavior. When both spouses are successful at what they do, ground rules may be necessary to accommodate the egos of both.

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