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December 2018 Archives

Business owner divorce: The importance of a business valuation

When a couple decides to call it quits and end their marriage, there are a lot that has to happen. In most circumstances, divorce is complex and requires for certain steps to be taken. Business owner divorces may be even more complex. Texas business owners may find that the business they built up are considered as part of the marital property.

Disciplining children after divorce; consistency is key

A couple may not have the same disciplining style when it comes to their children. It may be relatively undaunting as long the family unit is together, but when Texas parents divorce it may cause issues between them regarding how their children are handled when they misbehave. It may actually be difficult to discipline at all since some parents may feel guilty about putting their children through the rigors of divorce.

Co-parenting after divorce is not always easy

The end of a marriage may feel like the end of dreams, expectations and future plans, especially when children are involved. At the same time, many decisions must be made. One of the decisions to be made during a divorce is what parenting plan will work the best for a particular Texas family's situation. One option is co-parenting, which is an option where both parents share custody of the children.

Divorce is like death: The 7 stages of grieving

You may have heard in the past that a divorce is much like death. The reality is that it's true. Like in death, the end of a marriage is the end of a relationship that is unlikely to ever go back to the way it was. It's an end of the family unit as a whole, and it can be a major loss for both people as well as their children or relatives.

Financial woes contribute to a wealthy divorce too

It is often said that money can't buy happiness. As it turns out, there is some truth to that when it comes to marriage lasting or not in Texas. While it is no surprise that money is cited as one of the worst stressors in a marriage, it is not only an issue between couples who are struggling to manage a budget. Those in higher income brackets may spend more and save less, contributing to the likelihood of a divorce.

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