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Is a win-win divorce possible in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Divorce is complicated and confusing, even when both spouses have a clear understanding of their priorities. Here in Texas, community property laws require equal property division, which gives divorcing spouses fewer options when they come to the negotiation table. These legal restrictions may make the divorce process seem daunting to spouses who truly need or want a divorce but worry that it is too complicated and emotionally difficult.

If you have concerns about the risks of pursuing divorce in Texas, there is some good news. Careful planning can help you understand many of the pitfalls you may face along the way before you encounter them. These tools allow you to identify your divorce priorities and ensure that you start your new life on the other side with the tools and confidence that you need.

Divorce does not have to be a battlefield

One of the most common misconceptions about divorce is that it is a costly, lengthy battle where everyone loses except the lawyers. There are certainly examples of this throughout every part of the country, but it is not the only option. When spouses wish to work together toward a reasonable, fair divorce solution, it is achievable.

Ending a marriage may bring up many emotions, and these may easily cloud judgment. Be sure to consider your options carefully to keep from making emotional choices that may cost or harm you in the future. It is wise to consider legal counsel that understands your goals and can help you achieve them.

Community property division

Texas, along with several other states, requires spouses to divide their property equally upon divorce. This can complicate the property division process because it does not allow much wiggle room for one spouse to receive more than another.

If a couple’s only assets are divided easily, this is not a large issue. However, for couples who have only a few significant assets, or only one, the process is more complicated. For both sides to walk away without feeling cheated and carrying resentment, it is important to have a detailed understanding of what the law does and does not allow. Couples often have more options than they realize, and must review the options carefully.

Protect your rights today

The respectful, civil divorce that you want is possible, if you are willing to make it a priority. In fact, you can begin building your own divorce strategy today with high-quality legal tools. Don’t wait to build a strong plan to protect yourself while you work toward the fair divorce you need and deserve.


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