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Divorce: A few reasons why prenups may be a good idea

When one falls in love, it is not difficult to convince oneself that life will be all moonshine and roses with the other person. However, roses have thorns, and even the perfect match may turn out to be not so perfect. Divorce is a reality of the times, and Texas couples may benefit from looking past the stigma associated with prenuptial agreements and ensure such an agreement is in place before the wedding.

While some people may realize the need for a prenup, they fear that getting an agreement in place may make divorce more likely or that the future partner or his or her family may react adversely to the suggestion. Others are hesitant because they are worried that information about their debt or perhaps previous bankruptcy may become known. However, the benefits a prenup brings typically outweigh the concerns.   

In circumstances where the assets of one person is a lot more than that of the other, or when there is a large discrepancy in the incomes earned, a prenuptial agreement can lessen stress about what happens to assets and mitigate uncertainty about aspects such as alimony in the case of a divorce. When one person is a partner in a business, it is also fair to the partner when a prenuptial agreement is in place. Other benefits of prenups include financial protection for a stay-at-home parent, determining the custody of beloved pets and protection from the other spouse's bad financial habits.

Divorce is a reality of life. Many Texas couples may benefit from forgetting about the preconceived ideas about prenuptial agreements. Consulting with a family law attorney may ease many of these worries because a prenup gives one control. Furthermore, a prenup will supersede any state laws and will likely be the deciding factor in what happens in a divorce.

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