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Society doesn't view divorce the way it used to

Beginning in the 1950's, and for several decades thereafter, television shows gave Americans a view of family life that encouraged them to stay together regardless of how bad the marital relationship was. A divorce was viewed as a failure on the part of the married couple and was even worse if there were children involved. Thankfully, society has developed beyond those now arcane ideals to realize that even though marriage should not be taken lightly, divorce does not mean failure. In fact, in some cases, it provides many Texas parents with the ability to be better for their children. 

People used to stay together for the sake of the children, but an abundance of research now tells parents that it may actually be better for the children to part ways. These days, Texas parents often get along better once the marital relationship has ended and become the parents they always wanted to be. In fact, many also have amicable, if not friendly, relationships with their former spouses.

The development of this type of relationship often begins with the divorce process. If they are able to put aside any emotional fallout from the end of the relationship and focus on the future, the process may be easier on everyone, including the children. Of course, there will be adjustments and changes that require adaptation, but the less stressful parents can make these transitions, the better of everyone will be in the end.

Going through a divorce does not have to be a tumultuous experience. Parents can work together and lay the foundation for a relationship that helps them as they co-parent after the divorce. Under these circumstances, the potential is high that the children will adjust and even thrive.

Source: Forbes, "A Fairy Tale Divorce: America's Struggle With Breaking Up", Stephan Rabimov, July 17, 2017

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