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Ladies, this is how long your divorce could really take

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Divorce

You’re a young, vibrant woman and you’re ready to move on from your marriage. You decided to file a divorce, and now you’re eager to get back into the dating scene. How long will it really take for everything to be completed? The answer can vary based on the type of divorce you have, but with help, it may not take long at all.

There is a 60-day waiting period

The first wait you have is the initial waiting period. After filing a petition for divorce, you must wait 60 days. On day 61, you may move forward with the divorce. How fast you settle depends on your situation. Couples who have no children and no significant shared property move quickly through divorces, while those who have to divide assets and determine parenting agreements tend to have longer divorces.

Uncontested divorces go faster

If your spouse contests the divorce, that slows down the process. When it’s uncontested, you and your spouse agree on everything and won’t need the court to intervene or hold a trial. That reduces the number of times you head to court, saving you time and money. Many judges prefer when a couple comes to a settlement agreement on their own. If you and your spouse work together to decide on property division issues, child custody arrangements and other factors involved in your divorce, then less time is wasted and the divorce processes faster.

Property division takes a toll

It takes time to separate property, so it’s important to know what you own, what’s separate and what’s marital property before you file for divorce. Print out copies of bank statements and located any debt information you have. Collect evidence to show which items were yours before marriage and which items are your spouse’s. If you have this information, it’s much easier to negotiate with a spouse and to come up with a settlement in a shorter amount of time.

Being reasonable helps

Couples who aren’t reasonable end up dragging out their divorces for many months or years. Settle your divorce within two to three months if you agree, or choose to drag it out over property or other issues. It comes down to how well you and your spouse work together when separating your property. If your spouse won’t work with you on negotiations, then mediation, arbitration or a trial may be necessary to move the divorce forward.

Your attorney can help you decide if you’re negotiating fairly and work with you to create a settlement that your spouse agrees with. With the right support, finalizing your divorce is possible in just a few short months.


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