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2 predictors of divorce found by researchers

Since the 1980s, the rate for married couples calling it quits has been declining in the United States. Recent research suggests that around one-third of couples who are married now will divorce. As such, Texas residents may wonder what factors researchers say contribute to this statistic.

Data released just this year found that couples are more likely to divorce during March and August. Researchers who conducted the study surmised that filings primarily spike during these two months because couples hoped that a family vacation or the holiday season would help rekindle their relationships. However, when they return to their real, everyday lives, they realize that their problems still exist. The stress of the holidays and vacations could also end up exacerbating a couple's relationship issues. Therefore, once these periods are over, so is the marriage.

Yet another study found that it is not money that couples are arguing about; rather, it is how the labor is divided between them. The data indicated that when the husband in a heterosexual couple does not have a full-time job, there is a greater chance of marital discord that leads to divorce. The fact that the wife did -- or did not -- have a full-time job did not affect the data. Even though couples have been breaking through marital stereotypes for decades now, the man being the primary breadwinner is one that still remains.

Research will most likely continue to try to understand why couples end their marriages. However, every couple is unique, and no amount of research can lessen the emotional and financial impact of a divorce -- especially if children are involved. It is prudent for any individual considering getting a divorce to consult with a Texas family law attorney who can discuss the legal options, provide guidance and ensure the individual's rights are protected.

Source:, "10 facts about divorce every couple should know before getting married", Shana Lebowitz, Sept. 5, 2016

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