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Texas couples divorce, but who gets pet custody

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Divorce

Texas families come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and consist of just the husband and wife; others are large and include children. One thing that many of these families have in common is that there are often one or more family pets. When it comes to a divorce, many couples are finding that the issue of pet custody is an important consideration.

In some families, the pet is attached to either the husband or wife.  In this case, the decision regarding pet custody usually is a rather simple one to make. However, when both spouses have an attachment to the beloved pet, custody arrangements will need to be worked out.

Some families have found that pet custody can be worked out in a similar manner as child custody with the pet simply following the child to whichever home he or she is going to at the moment. This will allow the child and pet to remain together and lend some stability to the pet and his environment. To aid in this endeavor, pet experts recommend keeping the pet on a similar schedule and following similar rules at both residences.

Another consideration when discussing pet custody is the number of pets in the household. While it may only be one special pet that is the controversy, if this pet’s family consists of one or more other pets, being separated from his or her counterparts may be hard on him or her. Such a separation could have a devastating effect on the special pet.

As with other issues such as child custody and property distribution, pet custody can be an important factor when a Texas couple decides to divorce. Sometimes these issues can be worked out between the couple themselves. However, many times, the guidance of experienced counsel can make this process easier for all involved.

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