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Common subjects of financial fights among married individuals

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Divorce

Financial matters can be very sensitive issues in a marriage, given the major impacts such matters can have. So, it is not surprising that money matters are sometimes the subject of arguments between married individuals.

Married couple arguments related to money can come up in connection to a range of different things, but there are some financial issues that can be particularly likely to trigger arguments when they arise. This includes issues regarding:

  • Financial secrecy by a spouse, such as secret spending.
  • Expenses related to extended family members.
  • Expenses related to the kids.
  • Failure to pay bills.
  • Debt.

Financial-related fights and what happens in them can be impactful things in a marriage. Conflicts over money matters are among the things that can be contributors to a marriage breaking down. So, when it comes to the above-mentioned financial issues and conflicts related to them, it can be important for couples to think carefully about how to handle them.

As a note, the types of financial issues mentioned above can not only become major points of concern in a marriage, they can also become central issues in a divorce. There are a variety of disputes or worries that could come up during a divorce regarding these issues. Some examples include that:

  • A divorcing individual may be worried that their partner may be keeping financial secrets from them, such as hiding assets, to try to deprive them of a fair share of the marital estate.
  • A divorcing individual may have concerns regarding what impacts the divorce will have on their ability to support extended family matters.
  • Disputes can arise between divorcing individuals about what expenses arise in relation to the kids and over how decisions regarding the kids (including decisions that could have financial implications) will be made.
  • A divorcing individual may have worries about how the divorce and its aftermath will affect their credit and their ability to pay their bills.
  • Disputes can arise over how debt will be divided in the divorce and handled after the divorce.

Experienced divorce lawyers can advise individuals going through a divorce on addressing disputes and worries like these ones and other ones related to sensitive financial issues.

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