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Effective prenuptial agreements are not do-it-yourself projects

Entering into marriage is entering into a contract that is governed by Texas laws. Every couple has the opportunity -- and is advised to -- tailor that contract to fit their unique circumstances. This can be done by addressing potential issues in prenuptial agreements before the marriage, rather than when emotions run high in the event of divorces.

Even the most pragmatic person may squirm by the mention of divorce at the time when love seems to be all encompassing. However, a prenuptial agreement actually serves to provide peace of mind for both spouses. Feelings of anger and sorrow are to be expected during a divorce, but knowing that costly litigation can be avoided because a prenup that protects the interests of both parties is in place may lessen the trauma.

Even if a couple failed to see the need for such an agreement prior to marriage, circumstances might change, and assets acquired during the marriage may be addressed in a postnuptial agreement. To ensure that such an agreement cannot be challenged in court, it is usually suggested that an experienced divorce attorney crafts it. Such a professional can provide the necessary advice for a spouse wanting to make difficult decisions that may affect his or her future.

Our experienced attorneys at Vernier & Associates, PLLC, are at the service of clients across Texas. We offer an environment in which fairness and openness are encouraged throughout the process of drafting postnuptial or prenuptial agreements. Full disclosure is important and will ensure the strength of the document in the unfortunate event of a divorce.

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