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What areas of a divorce can benefit from mediation?

The number of divorcing couples in Texas who choose to settle divorce-related issues with the help of professional mediators has increased. The mediation process has proved to be effective for the various areas of a divorce in which contentions typically arise, including property division and spousal support. In many cases, mediation has enabled parents to communicate and compromise in child-related issues such as custody, support and parenting plans.

The mediation process involves several parties, including the two spouses along with their respective attorneys, and a neutral mediator. When necessary, other resources such as financial professionals may be asked for guidance. In contrast with litigated divorces in which important matters are decided by a judge, mediation offers couples the opportunity to have the concerns of each spouse addressed. The ultimate outcome typically provides some sense of empowerment because each party has a say in the outcome of the divorce agreement.

Choosing to utilize mediation as a means of settling divorce-related issues is less time consuming and costly than litigation. While litigated divorces often lead to escalated contention between spouses, mediation commonly achieves the preservation of amicable relationships that will also benefit the bonds between parents and their children. Mediation sessions are typically scheduled at times that suit both spouses, and they can proceed at a faster pace than litigated divorces that are scheduled according to the availability of a judge.

Texas individuals who are considering divorce may be unsure whether their unique circumstances make mediation a suitable option. They may want to consider a consultation with Ruth Lavada Vernier, who is an attorney with over 10 years of experience facilitating mediation between couples of different income levels. Such a consultation will provide individuals with information about the advantages of mediation, and it may ultimately allow for an amicable divorce that leaves all parties less traumatized.

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