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Family violence needs to be addressed, responded to

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

Clearly, a dark side exists in any home where domestic violence is a reality.

Domestic abuse is often misunderstood, being unduly confined in meaning by even well-intentioned people who do not fully grasp its broad dimensions.

All of our readers in Texas and elsewhere understand that a physical beating is a classic and tragically sad form of family violence.

So, too, though, is constant verbal abuse directed at a spouse, unmarried partner, child, grandparent in-residence or any other member of a family. Harassing behaviors, words intended to frighten and intimidate, an insistence on controlling schedules, money matters, a partner’s friendships — all these and more can qualify as acts of abuse that need to be timely addressed and purposefully responded to.

For many reasons, a domestic violence victim will hesitate to take responsive action against an abuser, or even refrain outright from doing so.

Sadly, that can serve to embolden an attacker and increase the odds that abusive acts will become — if they aren’t already — recurring behavior.

We state what we believe is obvious on the Family Violence and Protective Orders page of our website at The Woodlands-based law firm of Vernier and Associates, PLLC, namely, that family violence in any form “should not be tolerated.”

The costs arising from failure to respond are simply too high. Tensions skyrocket. Relationships are torn apart. Children are often caught in the middle.

And people are sometimes seriously injured, even fatally so.

A knowledgeable and empathetic family law attorney can play a forceful role for abuse victims needing help.

Centrally, that can start with helping a victim secure a protective order against an abuser. We can quickly accomplish that aim at Vernier and Associates, as well as provide other relevant information in a candid and confidential consultation.

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