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How to divorce a narcissistic spouse

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Divorce

Many Texas spouses live with controlling, demanding and fundamentally self-centered partners for years before finally calling it quits. Lots of people are just terrible human beings, and divorcing one of those people can be a nightmare. If a spouse is truly narcissistic, however, moving through a divorce will be a very challenging experience. 

One way to make things easier is to avoid interacting with the other part to the greatest degree possible. While the divorce is underway, let your attorney handle all communications, or communicate primarily through email and text messaging. That can reduce conflict and also create a paper trail if the messages become threatening. 

This leads to the last point: document and save everything related to the divorce, especially if there are children and child custody involved. Being able to show evidence of what was and was not said can make a world of difference in court. Be sure to monitor social media accounts, as well, and document anything posted that can support your case. 

It also helps to know what is most important and what can be ceded. A narcissist will want to fight to the bitter end on virtually every front. Having a clear idea of what can be handed over in battle can make him or her feel as though a victory has been achieved. 

Going through a Texas divorce with a narcissist is never an easy experience. It is, however, one that will have a distinct beginning, middle and end. Take time to move through the process intentionally and rationally, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel. 

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