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Mediation protects children from hurtful divorce

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Blog

It is never easy to work out fair custody arrangements when two parents divorce, but some methods are certainly more mindful of the children than others. If you and your child’s parent are divorcing, you may both have a great deal of anxiety over the harm that the divorce process may have on the child. The good news is that you have options.

The very fact that you have this concern is a good sign. Some parents are more concerned with protecting themselves or punishing their spouse and using children as negotiation chips. This is never a recipe for good relationships with your children or your spouse in the future.

However, there are ways to reach a fair, legally binding divorce settlement and custody arrangement without dragging your family through painful traditionally litigated divorce. Mediation is useful in many divorce scenarios, but when there are children involved, it is invaluable.

Keep your children at the heart of the process

When you choose to work with a mediator for your divorce, you have the ability to make all the important legal decisions that divorce requires, but you can do so without the normal combativeness of the process.

A mediator’s training is to help both spouses compromise and win, while ensuring that the best interests of the children, not the wishes of one parent or another, stay protected.

The aspects of divorce that most children find deeply hurtful are fears over losing love and causing the divorce itself. With an experienced mediator, you and your spouse can work together, even if you have conflict, to keep your children safe and loved. It is not only a legally viable way to achieve divorce, it is also caring for the children you both love.

Use this difficult season to grow your family emotionally

One of the greatest strengths of mediation is that it takes a difficult circumstance and offers you and your spouse an incredible opportunity to model for your children how responsible adults approach hard choices.

Even if one or both of you are not always your best selves, your mediator understands how to work with frustrated, hurt parents to reach the best solutions.

If you are ready to work hard to keep your children safe and well-loved during your divorce, then do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced divorce mediator who can walk with you through this difficult season. Proper legal guidance can help ensure that each party’s rights remain secure and that your children remain safe and cared for as you pursue a fair divorce and custody agreement.

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