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Divorce is under way for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Divorce

Like many Texas couples, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner decided to separate when their marriage encountered trouble. After two years, they realized that divorce is the right choice for them. This is the same conclusion that many separated couples reach after doing what they can to determine whether their marriages can be saved.

In many cases, those Texas couples have children just as Affleck and Garner do. The Hollywood couple agree on joint custody of their three children. Their time apart allowed them to find a way to remain friends and to co-parent their children without animosity or contention.

The pair put their children first despite the end of their marital relationship. During their separation, Affleck sought help for his addiction to alcohol. Now, the parents can move forward to raise their children together.

Many couples experience issues with addiction. In fact, this is the cause of many separations. Regardless of their differences, couples with children are tied to each other through their children. Being able to move past their differences in order to continue being loving parents can make the transition from one household to two easier for everyone involved.

Any couple who finds that they can no longer be married, but still want to be there for their children, can do so. Instead of going through the traditional litigated divorce, the parties can choose to negotiate their own settlement. This would allow them to create an agreement that works best for everyone involved, especially the children. Remaining a family despite a divorce is possible when both parents choose to keep their children’s best interests at heart.

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