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What is at the heart of effective divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2015 | Uncategorized

For starters, a disclaimer and caveat needs to be attached to the above headline query, namely this: Mediated divorce is not a universal panacea for effectively terminating every divorce in Texas and elsewhere. That is, some divorcing couples are simply destined for a litigated divorce outcome overseen by a family court judge.

Not all couples must follow that route, though, and high numbers of divorcing spouses nationally are thankful for the myriad benefits provided by the process that guides divorce mediation.

A recent media article on mediated divorce makes quick reference to the many reasons why a couple might opt to dissolve their marriage by invoking mediation rather than the traditional adversarialism that marks a court-dictated dissolution.

Many readers are likely already familiar with some of the oft-stated advantages linked with mediated divorce. As noted in the aforementioned article, the process typically enables a couple to exercise far greater autonomy over the proceedings than in any case involving central input from a judge. Divorce mediation can also cost less than a litigated divorce, take less time to conclude and better ensure that civility prevails at most junctures during negotiations.

We certainly agree with those points at the Houston area law firm of Vernier & Associates, PLLC. Our principal attorney, Ruth Lavada Vernier, has long-tenured experience as a certified mediator in Texas and has helped many clients settle a wide range of divorce-related legal matters through this process.

We welcome contacts from readers who are interested in learning more about the benefits tied to mediated divorce. Relevant information can be obtained on the Montgomery County Mediation page of our website.


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