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Raising child after relationship requires commitments from both parents

Going through a break-up or a divorce can lead many individuals to experience a wide range of emotions. They may not understand why their partners left and they are challenged to move forward after the relationship is over. Everything seems to stop while they take the time they need to get things back on track.

When this happens to couples who have children, it can make an already difficult situation much worse. These individuals will have to deal with the emotional fallout from their relationship while working together to create a parenting plan. Many parents find themselves worn out by these child custody issues, and struggle to reach an agreement with one another.

If the couple starts having disagreements, the decision may be made by the courts. In Texas, the decision on child custody will be based on the best interests of the child. Once this decision is made, it can be impossible to modify without specific circumstances arising, so it is important that parents in these situations understand what is happening at this time.

While going through the process, each parent may still want to spend time with the child. This means that there will be several more interactions between the two parents, which can lead to more arguments. One parent may try to use the child to gain leverage in the proceedings, which can cause more problems down the road.

It is extremely important that those going through a divorce or break-up understand the effect that this will have on their children. Parents need to make a collective effort toward ensure that the children remain out of the middle of the dispute. If they can work together on these issues, it will go a long way toward helping them become much more successful co-parents in the future.

If you have questions about a child custody concern, do not hesitate to speak to an experienced family law attorney. You may not know what you need to do at this time, and it is important that you understand your obligations. If you make any mistakes during the process, it may jeopardize the amount of time you are able to spend with your children.

An attorney can help you create a parenting plan that is sensitive to the needs of your changing family. This will allow you and your co-parent to focus on the communication that you need to develop in order to maintain a positive co-parenting relationship.

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Ruth Lavada Vernier
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