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Divorce: Hidden money and how to find it

When a marriage ends, the ideal is an amicable parting where both parties are satisfied with the agreement reached and nobody feels done in. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Often, divorce is the result of a loss of trust in one or both of the parties.

Issues of identity will factor into a Texas divorce

For Texas spouses preparing to bring their marriage to a close, issues of identity are often overlooked. Divorce requires so many decisions and details to consider, and addressing the less tangible matters can often fall to the bottom of one's priority list. When it comes to matters of identity, failure to plan can lead to negative emotional and practical consequences. 

Divorce: mediation as solution to child custody disputes

Summer holidays are mostly portrayed as a time of excitement and fun, but it may bring along problems for working parents. In the case of divorce, Texas parents may have an agreement in place which works wonderfully throughout the year, but when summer holidays start, things may fall apart. At worst, a good working child custody agreement can turn into a dispute.

In one state frozen embryos could be used after divorce

Many Texas residents choose to create and freeze embryos in the hopes of becoming parents at a later date. For some of those individuals, their plans will change due to a breakup or divorce with the other party who contributed genetic material to create the embryos. When only one party wants to use the embryos to have a child, courts across the nation usually side with the party who objects. In one state, a recent law allows the party who wants to bring the embryos to term to do so, even if the other party is strongly opposed. 

Some couples divorce when it's the last thing they want to do

Most people think about divorce as the end of a very long and hard road; a time when spouses have tried everything and have determined that there is simply nothing that can be done to save the marriage. That, however, is not always the case. This Texas couple is considering divorce out of an abundance of love for their young daughter. 

Timing is everything (this year) in high asset divorce

For Texas spouses who are considering bringing their marriage to an end, timing is always an important consideration. That's especially true this year for those who are anticipating a high asset divorce, since changes to federal tax laws will take effect at the end of 2018. Specifically, spouses who are tasked with paying spousal support will no longer be able to claim those expenses as tax deductions. 

Divorce, millennials and a propensity toward prenups

Not too long ago, prenuptial agreements were something movie stars and the very rich required before tying the knot. Then came the millennials. Research has shown that millennials increasingly sign prenuptial agreements in order to protect their belongings in case of divorce. Experts in family law are of the opinion that the following four words -- delay, divorce, dynasty and debt -- may be four of the main reasons why Texas millennials believe that prenups are the way to go.  

Estate planning should play a role in every Texas divorce

For those in Texas who are planning to bring their marriage to a close, updating or changing estate planning documents should be a top priority. Without those precautions, an estranged spouse could end up with full responsibility for handling every aspect of an emergency or unexpected death. That divorce and estate planning reality is evidenced in the examples of two recent celebrity suicides. 

A prenuptial agreement might avoid a contentious divorce

Prenuptial agreements have become part of the planning of most marriages in Texas. This is because divorce has become a reality, and not frowned upon any longer. Couples do not necessarily plan for divorce, but they sign agreements to avoid traumatic and contentious court battles if the marriage should end. Although prenups mainly serve to protect the personal assets of each spouse and deal with alimony, any other matters could be included. Child custody and child support concerns are not generally addressed in these contracts since those issues are always subject to a determination of the child's best interests.

Don't let divorce ruin your health and wellness

If you're planning to end a marriage in the coming months, it's important to be aware of the potential health ramifications that can follow such a big life change. According to health experts, divorce can lead to numerous serious health problems. In fact, studies show that divorced people have far higher rates of smoking and sedentary lifestyle as compared to those who are single or married. Taking proactive steps to preserve health is important for Texas residents. 

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