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Protecting your child: The International Hague Convention

As a parent of a child who has two parents from different countries, you know that your divorce has more custody concerns than others. You may worry that your spouse will take your child to his or her country and fail to bring your little one home. You could worry that your child will disappear and that you'll have no way to fight back.

Guide your kids through the hurricane of holiday custody

Children of divorced parents experience stresses that their friends living in two-parent nuclear families know nothing about. This is especially true over the holidays, a time when kids of all ages can yearn for the type of family unity they may only dimly remember.

How do you decide what's really in a child's best interests?

You probably hear it all the time: The focus of a child custody divorce case should be deciding what is in the best interests of the child. The goal here is to focus on the kids - who did not ask for the divorce, after all - so that the troubles their parents are having don't negatively impact them, as well. If you are going to split up with your spouse, your love for your kids probably has you onboard with this idea. You do want what's best for them in the long run. But how do you decide what that is? Below are a few factors that the courts will consider.

Start now to resolve back-to-school disagreements with your ex

When you have children, summers can fly by. Before you know it, it is time to shop for school supplies and clothes as back-to-school time looms. This should be a time of excitement for the next steps in your kids' lives, but when you are divorced, school might bring up areas of disagreement with your ex-spouse regarding the children.

How crossing state lines can affect grandchild visitation

Families are frequently spread out across the country. Your children may still reside within Texas but across the state in Austin or San Antonio. Other kids may have moved to California or New England. This can make spending time with grandchildren difficult in the best of circumstances.

Family conflict can be very impactful on kids

Many things could have the possibility to affect how likely a person is to get divorced in the future. This not only includes things that have happened in their adult life, but also things that happened when they were a kid. A recent study points to being exposed to a lot of family conflict when one is a kid being one of the things that could leave a person with higher chances of a divorce as an adult.

Start with the basics of Texas child custody law

Child custody issues are probably the ones that generate the greatest amount of friction and require the greatest amount of delicacy in the area of family law. Texas parents are generally the same when it comes to their children. They all have a desire to see that the best interests of the children are met.

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