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Divorce: For many couples, prenups are not all about money

Although many people in Texas were previously of the opinion that prenuptial agreements are only for those with significant assets, these contracts have become more widely used. It might be because couples tend to wait longer before tying the knot, and when they do, their careers are established and both spouses enter the marriage with already accumulated assets. While a prenuptial agreement provides protection in the event of a divorce and specifies who gets what, some couples use them to set rules or prevent unacceptable behavior. When both spouses are successful at what they do, ground rules may be necessary to accommodate the egos of both.

When power couples, such as celebrities, draft prenups, it is not always all about money. Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg, with combined assets estimated at more than $74 million, set rules for spending more time together in a relationship agreement drafted even before they planned a marriage. The founder and CEO of Facebook must take Priscilla on weekly dates, and they must arrange their schedule in a way that will allow them 100 minutes per week together -- alone and away from their offices.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel felt they needed protection against infidelity, and according to their prenup, Timberlake must give Biel $500,000 if he cheats on her. Drugs and alcohol threatened the happiness of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman because their prenup stipulated that, if Urban refrains from excessive drinking and illegal drug use, he will get $600,000 per year for each year that they stay together. For singer Beyonce and Rapper Jay-Z, it was all about money. Their agreement allows $5 million per child born from their relationship, along with $1 million for Beyonce for each year they remain together -- up to 15 years. However, if they split up before their second anniversary, Beyonce will get $10 million.

The scope for what could be included in a prenuptial agreement is limitless, as long as both spouses agree and understand the contents, and it is fair in the eyes of the law. Anyone in Texas who has questions about prenuptial agreements can get answers from an experienced divorce attorney. A lawyer can also assist with drafting the document to ensure it complies with state and federal laws.

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