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Temporary divorce orders -- necessary or not?

Marriage is a partnership characterized by many ups and downs. Unfortunately, in many cases, there may be more bad times than good or one bad incident that can destroy everything. The problems that often lead to someone asking for a divorce are more often than not emotionally driven, making it very difficult to think clearly about important matters at hand.

During an emotionally loaded time, Texas couples in the midst of divorce may benefit from acknowledging the need to focus on the various financial and legal decisions to be made. Finalizing the divorce often takes months but can even take years. This is why a temporary divorce order may be needed to keep things as they are until a settlement has been reached.

A temporary court order sets the rules for the parties according to which the parties must live until all issues have been agreed upon. Once these issued have been settled, a final court order can be made. Temporary divorce orders may address matters relating to children, property and spousal support.

With regard to children, courts can issue orders stipulating responsibilities relating to child support, visitation and other needs the children may have. When a temporary order deals with property-related issues, both parties have to disclose all relevant information before the court rules on aspects such as who lives in the family home and who pays what. In cases where there is a substantial difference in income between spouses, a court may order the higher-earning spouse to pay a monthly allowance to the other party until a settlement has been reached.  

Temporary divorce orders are ideal in situations where the couple battles to negotiate and reach agreements. Texas divorce lawyers are in the ideal position to assist their clients with listening to the other party and negotiating to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties. The sooner a final settlement is reached, the sooner couples can continue with their new lives.   

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