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Some couples divorce when it's the last thing they want to do

Most people think about divorce as the end of a very long and hard road; a time when spouses have tried everything and have determined that there is simply nothing that can be done to save the marriage. That, however, is not always the case. This Texas couple is considering divorce out of an abundance of love for their young daughter. 

The little girl is 6 years old, and has a very uncommon chromosomal disorder known as Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. She lives with seizures, kidney issues, and visual and hearing impairment. She requires 24-hour care, and will never be able to live independently. 

Her parents pay nearly $15,000 each year for insurance, but that coverage does not take care of all their daughter's needs. They've applied for state assistance, but since their child is currently number 59,979 on the waiting list, they have little hope in that regard. They're now considering divorce as a last ditch effort to get their daughter the help she needs. 

A divorce would mean that the child's mother would qualify for Medicaid. Currently, the father's salary of $40,000 renders them ineligible for coverage. Paying for her care is placing an enormous strain on the family's finances, and both parents are beginning to feel desperate. 

As this Texas example demonstrates, not every divorce is the result of an unhappy couple. There are cases in which divorce is simply a strategic financial move intended to relieve pressure. For those couples who are seriously thinking about this type of divorce, it's important to sit down with a divorce attorney to create a strategy that meets the stated goals. 

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