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Putting high net worth divorce in perspective

When it comes to dividing assets at the end of a Texas marriage, everything is relative. No matter how much wealth a couple has amassed, it always feels significant when the time comes to divvy up those assets. To put things in perspective, this article takes a look at some of the most expensive high net worth divorce cases in recent history. 

One couple featured in the piece is Rupert Murdoch and his wife of 31 years, Maria Torv. When the spouses couldn't agree on when Murdoch would set aside his career and enjoy retirement, they decided that divorce was a better path forward. It was rumored that Torv received a settlement of $1.7 billion. Both parties were remarried within six months of finalizing their divorce. 

Steve and Elaine Wynn, of Las Vegas casino fame, married each other twice, and also divorced twice. Their second divorce reportedly included a settlement to Elaine in the neighborhood of $1 billion. Few details are available on how they chose to divide assets, or if things differed the second time around. 

As these stories illustrate, a high net worth divorce is a relative thing. Every couple faces a challenge in trying to reach a fair divorce settlement. That said, those in Texas with significant assets and diverse asset types have far more complicated property division needs than couples with fewer or simpler assets. Working with a skilled high net worth divorce attorney is critical to reaching a settlement that is fair, and in line with a spouse's future needs and goals. 

Source:, "The 10 most expensive divorce settlements in history total over $11 billion -- here's who walked away with the most", Mark Abadi, April 25, 2018

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