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Lowering costs of a divorce: Is it possible?

Nothing in life comes for free. This is one of the unfortunate truths people learn as they grow older. As with everything else in life, one cannot escape the fact that to get a divorce will cost money. However, there are ways a Texas couple can curb the costs of their divorce.

An easy and obvious way to keep costs to the minimum is to choose not to contest a divorce. An uncontested divorce decreases attorney and court fees because the parties agree on the major issues, including division of property and child custody. Even if there are issues a couple cannot agree on, it is beneficial to attempt to negotiate and sort out as many issues as possible.

The more a coupe fights over even the smallest issues, the longer the process can take and the higher the costs. Mediation may be one way to smooth out the issues but only if both parties buy into the process. If no agreements are reached, the process will have start all over again, which will increase costs.

It is also possible to discuss lower costs options with a Texas divorce attorney. These include the unbundling of services, where easier tasks are handled by the couple while the attorney takes care of more specialized tasks and court appearances. Individuals may also make use of paralegals or associates for the grunt work, as they charge lower rates. Every couple's circumstances differ, and that is why it is important to be open and honest about one's circumstances during the first consultation with a lawyer. An experienced family law attorney is usually best situated to guide and advise his or her clients according to their needs and means.     

Source:, "How to Pay for a Divorce When It Feels Like You Can't Afford It", Christy Rackoczy, May 23, 2018

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